Investment safety
Principal security plan
Flexibility and freedom
Rich and diverse products
Brand advantage
Authoritative credit enterprise
Higher income
Simple and easy to understand
Work together to build
Internet Financial version of "Community partner"


1, four risk control, principal and interest security

2, third party fund trusteeship

3, project yield: annual rate of return 7%~16%

4, Today investment, the next day earnings

5, Qualification authentication: online trading center guarantee unit, Beijing Information Service Industry Association member.

6, unit, credit rating and Certification Center certification

Network information security
Data encryption, sensitive information protection

Large financial enterprise guarantee

The platform system is independent research and development, using the same data security system with the bank level, multi-layer network isolation system, and the backup mechanism of the foreign machine room database to ensure the security of users and their transaction data

Data security + protection

The sensitive data of the system are encrypted according to the requirements of the Ministry of public security information system security level protection to ensure that your personal information is kept secret and investment funds are safe.

SGC256 bit technology

SGC256 bit coercive encryption technology can automatically activate the browser to display the lock security sign, and the secret information such as the transaction password will not be viewed, stolen and modified in the network transmission process.

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